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As you navigate through this website, you maybe see that I ask for small donations, and you maybe also see from time to time a pay wall for articles that I personally find very valuable. There are two reasons for that.

  1. I believe in Value 4 Value, I create an article that you like, and you read it and I do not want to pollute you with advertisement. The best option is that you make a small payment, so I can do what I do, and you can have the benefits from that.
  2. AI is slowly taking over the internet and steals everything it can get without authors consent.

I guess the first part is super understandable and makes sense to everyone. You get something I receive something and I think that is fair, and usually I will also not ask for a massive amount to get rich.

The second part is way more interesting. Even tough I believe that my thoughts are not that unique that the AI will not get the information from somewhere else, I do not want to provide my writing style directly to feed the AI intelligence.

My promise is that all these articles will be written by me, without the help of an AI to write something better than me. You will see errors mistakes and my voice without the editorial masterpieces of an AI. The only support I allow me is the usage of the language tool that will provide me some support to remove my grammatical issues :).

BTC Lightning

Bitcoin has now quite a history as a value storage and in some cases as an alternative for fiat money. The issue with Bitcoin is usually that it is quite slow, and transaction fees can be high. But luckily there is a solution to these problems, the Bitcoin Lightning Network. With nearly no fees and instant payment, it is one way to improve payments in the Bitcoin network with the security and validation of the real Bitcoin Blockchain.

Your wallet

To pay in BTC lightning, you will need to choose a wallet. There is a huge verity of lightning wallets that you can use, some of the most popular are Wallet of Satoshi, Muun or Blue Wallet. All of these wallets also allows you to buy Bitcoin and convert them directly into the Layer 2 Currency BTC lightning.

If you have never worked with Bitcoin Lightning or Bitcoin in general, and you are interested, please let me know, and I will create some videos on how to use this new way of micropayments.

I hope that all makes sense, and if you do not like Bitcoin or Alby but want to see the posts, send me a message via Patreon, and I am happily providing you the posts there. Thanks for reading and feel free to try the donation below :).


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