My Flutter Story

My Flutter Story began, when I heard the first time about flutter at the Google I/O 2019. For me, who always enjoyed working with Hot Reload and hated the way how Xamarin works for mobile apps. I was searching for a hybrid programming pattern for both android and iOS devices. Even though React Native was already out, it has the same foundation. JavaScript, this is not necessarily bad, but it has its downsides.


I go on a Chingu Journey, with Flutter, Dart and Aqueduct

After six months of travel, we decided to stay in New Zealand, and I got some work as a software engineer very quickly. The work there is good with a lot of friendly people around me. But currently, I am not happy anymore with Angular as a technology stack. But to do private projects is quite hard, and somehow the motivation is missing that pushes you to completion until my girlfriend had an excellent idea.


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